Welcome to The Castle Spa

– Beauty Salon –



  • 1. Swedish Massage - 60'/90' ( 380,000đ/ 500.000đ)Traditional Swedish massage using aromatic oils. Gentle, soothing massage techniques remove tension and balance emotions.
  • 2. Relaxation Treatment - 60'/90' (400,000đ/ 520,000đ)Using strong massage techniques combined with essential oils. This treatment focuses on specific and key muscle groups to relieve aches, pains and to de-stress.
  • 3. Hot Stone Therapy 60’/90’ (420,000đ/550,000đ)Hot stone massage helps you reduce muscle tension and bring to you a super relaxing feel with combination of basic massages, then we steam and put hot stone on your body. Hot stone will improve your blood circulation process and relieve stress quickly.
  • 4. Herbal Therapy - 60'/90' (450,000đ/590,000)This comprises traditional local Vietnamese herbs and spices to create the basis of a really gentle massage treatment. The secret blend of herbs and essential oils will balance your mind, body and spirit. Meanwhile, this massage technique encourages blood circulation and soothes aching muscles.


  • 1. Head, Neck, Shoulders, Back - 45’ (300,000đ)
  • 2. Hand, Shoulder, Neck, Head - 30’ (200,000đ)
  • 3. Foot rest massage - 30’ (200,000đ)


  • 1. Essential Oils Foot Massage - 60’/90’ (320,000đ/450,000đ)A combination of massage and essential oils will give your legs and especially your feet the tender loving care they deserve. Experience overall healing and wellbeing as we focus on your feet’s pressure points through deep tissue massage, in a similar way to reflexology, while the essential oils will help make your skin soft and smooth.
  • 2. Hot Stone Foot Massage - 60’/90’ (350,000đ/ 480,000đ)This traditional Foot Massage is a perfect remedy through the use of a hot stone massage applied to one’s legs and feet. Feet can typically take a lot of heat. So, a combination of pressure massage on one’s legs and feet with warmth generated by the hot stones placed on top of one’s feet, brings about a sense of relaxation, clears away blocked capillaries while balancing your body and spirit.
  • 3. Foot Total Treatment - 75’ (480,000đ)This treatment combines traditional foot massage with scrubbing away dead skin giving your feet a new smoothness.


  • 1. Basic facial care - 45’ (350,000đ)Deeply cleanse & Scrub dead cells & Massage & Moisturize your skin.
  • 2. Natural Skin Dream - 60’ (450,000đ)This signature facial has been described as an experience in its own right. Using only natural and organic products, this all-in-one facial treatment cleanses, soothes, nourishes and balances one’s skin leaving it radiant and glowing. A choice of two masks to best suits you: Yoghurt/Rice bran
  • 3. Collagen Therapy - 60’ (520,000đ)Collagen helps to make your skin both firm and elastic. It reduces skin pigmentation and wrinkles while lightening skin tone. Combined with a gentle massage, you will feel refreshed and relaxed.


  • A deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment using mineral sea salt or natural ingredients to remove impurities, dead cells and refresh your smooth and soft skin.
  • 1. Passion Fruit & Salt Body Scrub - 45’ (380,000đ)
  • 2. Coffee & Orange Body Scrub - 45’ (380,000đ)
  • 3. Dead Sea Salt & Olive Oil Body Scrub - 45’ (450,000đ)


  • Body wraps are great for relaxation and skin rejuvenation. There are various different types of body masks such as: mud, fresh milk or fruits, depending on your skin condition and your hobby.
  • 1. Fresh Milk & Aloe (Especially good for recovering your skin from sunburn) - 45’ (380,000đ)
  • 2. Fresh Milk & Orange & Carrot & Honey - 45’ (380,000đ)
  • 3. Fresh Milk & Mud - 45’ (450,000đ)


  • 1. Eyelash Extension full set - 700,000đ
  • 2. Eyelash Extension Fill in - 500,000đ


  • 1. Hot Stone Body Massage + Refresh Facial - 90’ (550,000đ)
  • 2. Hot Stone Body Massage + Foot Care - 90’ (550,000đ)
  • 3. Earth Package - 2h30’ (900,000đ)
  • Body Relaxation Treatment - 60'
  • Passion Fruit & Fresh Milk Body Scrub - 45’
  • Fresh Milk & Mud Body Wrap - 45’
  • 4. The Castle” Treatment - 2h45’ (980,000đ)
  • Hot Stone Body Massage - 60’
  • Coffee & Orange Body Scrub - 45’
  • Natural Skin Dream - 60’
  • 5. Sky Package - 2h45’ (1150,000đ)
  • Herbal Therapy - 60'
  • Dead Sea Salt & Olive Oil Body Scrub - 45’
  • Collagen Therapy - 60’